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Chevron and Texaco Sued After Benzene-Related Death

Chevron and Texaco Sued After Benzene-Related DeathA pending lawsuit alleges that Texaco and Chevron are responsible for the death of a former employee who was exposed to dangerous levels of the chemical compound benzene while on the job. The dangerous, carcinogenic properties of benzene have been observed for nearly a century, and the California Benzene lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen have dedicated years to tirelessly defending the victims of benzene exposure. If you or someone you love has been affected by benzene, give us a call today at 1-800-722-0765.

The case involving Chevron and Texaco was filed by four plaintiffs: Keith Gebauer, Ronnie Gebauer, Lajunda Williams and Gaytha Guillot. The plaintiffs filed their suit on August 31, 2011, in Jefferson County District Court, claiming that their father-Fred Gebauer-died from lymphoma which he developed after a long career that involved working in close proximity to benzene and benzene-containing products.

The plaintiffs allege that the oil giants are legally responsible for their father’s death, arguing that Chevron and Texaco negligently allowed their employees to work near benzene despite the defendants’ knowledge of the potential dangers of exposure. In addition, the defendants provided no warnings to their employees about the dangers of benzene exposure.

The plaintiffs served the defendants with their first set of interrogatories on October 18, 2011, demanding to know when the defendants first became aware of the health risks of benzene. But Chevron alleges that Fred Gebauer was never in their employ, and has filed for special exemptions.

“Chevron USA is improperly sued because it is a separate entity from Texaco and Texaco is the alleged employer of Fred Gebauer, not Chevron USA,” according to Chevron, which adds that “there are no allegations it has any other connection to this lawsuit.”

The case is still pending (Case No. D190-777), and the plaintiffs are seeking punitive and exemplary damages, plus costs.

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