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Eco Groups Demand Investigation into Benzene-Tainted Water in TX

Eco Groups Demand Investigation into Benzene-Tainted Water in TXMore than 80 environmental groups are demanding a thorough and comprehensive investigation into why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suddenly ceased enforcement against a gas driller it had accused of contaminating water in Texas. Specifically, the groups are demanding to know if the EPA acted improperly in doing so.

A total of 86 environmental groups sent a letter to the EPA’s inspector general, Arthur Elkins, asking that he expand the existing investigation into the agency’s actions. The big concern stems from a report indicating that the agency had scientific evidence linking local drilling operations to water tainted with benzene in Weatherford Texas, a town west of Fort Worth.

Major health organizations, including the CDC and the American Cancer Society, have linked benzene exposure to a variety of cancers, particularly leukemia and cancers of other blood cells. Click here to see a comprehensive list of the cancers and diseases that benzene can cause. Refinery workers are at an especially high risk, as well as anyone working in industries that use benzene-containing chemicals.

Range Resources, the company at the center of the Texas water contamination controversy, claims that the EPA “dropped its demands that the company provide affected families with clean water and locate the source of the contamination after the company threatened not to cooperate with a high-profile national study into hydraulic fracturing,” this according to the Associated Press.

If it’s true that Range Resources’ drilling operations resulted in water contamination, it can be extremely difficult to ascertain the number of people whose health has been jeopardized. It is absolutely essential, though, that the EPA look more deeply into the matter and make an accurate assessment about the extent of the exposure. People’s lives may in fact depend on it. We will continue to keep a close watch on the matter.

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By Jeffrey Nadrich

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